Noam Vasl

In the time since I began working in real estate, I have acquired effective bargaining strategies, getting the best prices for the clients I represent. In the case of dual representation the need for professional representation to mediate the negotiations is crucial. My past in debt collection has taught me reach out to others and negociate the best deal possible for everyone involved. As the leader of my firm, I strive to provide my coworkers with the most accomodating and comfortable work environment I can in order to boost moral and efficiency in the office. My goals are to upgrade the place i work at and make it more profitable for the clients and the office.

Specialties:Negociating incredible deals for the clients, achieving, persevering, learning, always striving for perfection.

Tehila Nadav

After a few years working in the field of architecture and interior design, I found real estate to be a natural fit for me. Buying and selling can often be difficult for clients, that's why I am here to tend to your needs and help you find the perfect home for you at the best price. These solutions allow the customer to more easily fill the His needs.
I see both areas together as something great that is beneficial to the client.

I will be happy to accompany you through the process of finding the perfect home for you step by step!

Michael Graz

As a young and motivated Real estate agent, I strive to hunt the best properties for you. I will not stop working until I am satisfied with the work I've done for my clients.  

Hagay Habari

Out of love for both Man and Real Estate, I chose a challenging but also rewarding role, a role that requires integrity, creativity, and courage to put everything on the table.

I would love to Help you in buying or selling your next property

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