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German Colony, Jerusalem

neighborhood in Jerusalem, established in the second half of the 19th century. Today the Moshava, as it is popularly known, is an upscale neighborhood bisected by Emek Refaim Street, an avenue lined with trendy shops, restaurants and cafes.

NIS 8,750,000

Brokerage fee 2% + VAT

German Colony

5 rooms | 2nd floor out of 3 | 163 sqm


In an Arab house from the 1920s, apartment on the 2nd floor, 163 sqm in Tabu + 10 sqm of attached parking.

Renovated to a high standard a few years ago, needs refreshing.

High ceilings.

Original floors.

4 bedrooms.

Huge living room.

A separate kitchen that can be converted into another room.

2 baths/toilets.

Guests' bathroom.

Closet room / sealed room (mamad).

Very large rooms.

Four exposures - on one whole floor.

Three balconies (one of them is a small sukkah balcony).


Rights to parking in a tabu (not yet exercised).

NIS 9,950,000

Brokerage fee 2% + VAT

German Colony

7 rooms | 170 sqm built | 40 sqm garden


For sale a cottage on the most prestigious street in the German colony, a quiet and green location, only the chirping of birds can be heard in the background, to live in a village in the middle of the city!


Private entrance, 7 rooms, about 170 sqm built, private parking, private garden in Tabu of about 40 sqm with the possibility of a sukkah.


On 3 levels, sealed room (mamad), window bars, requires renovation, with a lot of potential.

NIS 6,600,000

Brokerage fee 2% + VAT

German Colony

5 rooms | 2nd floor out of 2 | 130 sqm

In the heart of the German Colony, close to Emek Refaim, a quiet and green location.

5-room apartment, all on one level.

Huge and very bright, suitable for a family.

130 sqm, 2 balconies, one of which is suitable for a sukkah.

With air conditioning and window bars.

2nd floor without elevator.

NIS 32,000,000

*Expert Estimation price: NIS 38,000,000 

Brokerage fee 2% + VAT

7 Ruth St.

5.5 rooms (221 sqm)

In the German colony, spectacular and unique Villa with beautiful private garden!

Protected by Unesco, antique 130 years old! Constructed 90 years ago with sculpted stone. 

Renovated and well maintained!
Land 614 sqm, well-kept and beautiful garden with many trees.

In the main house:

Level 0:

221 sqm + 29 sqm patio / covered terrace.
5,5 rooms + 2 bathrooms/restrooms
With underfloor heating under the original tiled floor, A/C, high ceilings, full kitchen (carpentry & electrics).
Storage closets 4 meters large & heigh in each room.

Level -1 with Windows: 
110 sqm authentic cistern + 2 rooms with 1 bathrooms/restrooms.

level +1:

Under the pyramidal roof:
An open space to decorate  of 140 sqm + 90 sqm of low storage.

Independent unit in the  garden:

Studio of 26 sqm + with shower room & restroom.

Garage house in the garden with electrical door:  
30 sqm

There is an option for rent: NIS 25,000 P/M 
*Last tenant‘s rental contract was NIS 32,000 P/M 
Brokerage fee for rent: month + VAT

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