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What Our Clients Are Saying

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our clients, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

"תהילה ונועם

כשמגיע מגיע

תודה רבה על התיווך בעסקה,

על המהירות והדבקות במשימה.

שנה טובה!"

ברק -

"נועם הומס, מיד כשפנינו לעזרה במכירת הדירה קיבלנו יחס נפלא מנועם ומתהילה, הם עבדו ללא הרף בניסיון לפרסם ולאתר קונים, הדירה קיבלה חשיפה מדהימה אפילו בחו"ל וכן ליווי צמוד עד לסגירת העיסקה ולסיום תהליך המכירה."

גידי שון -

"Noam Homes. Noam and all of his agents have been more then realtors. With their hard work and patience we sold our apartment. His agents showed us many apartments More then I can even count until they found us the perfect rental. We recommend Noam Homes for anyone looking to rent or buy. Personal service is there goal."

- Chaya Dror

"A true pleasure to work with Noam - professional, knowledgeable, thorough (makes sure nothing is overlooked),customer service oriented, goes the "extra mile" to satisfy his customers.  Highly recommended!"

- Mona Brafman

"To work with the most professional and efficient agent firm in Jerusalem, to find your home that you been waiting for, to feel understood and cared when your making one of your biggest business deals of your life,
I highly recommend Noam Vasl and his office firm “Noam Homes”
Thank you Noam for always making me feel like your we are best friend like a family…."

- Shmuel Van Zwaren

" לתיווך נועם.
שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה.
בהזדמנות זו אני רוצה להודות לך ולצוות המשרד על הטיפול המסור  ברכישת הדירה מטעמכם כאשר ליוותם אותנו בכל שלב במהלך הרכישה ויעצתם לנו עצות מועילות ."

- יצחק ואריאלה ליכטרמן

"לצוות נועם הומס,

תודה רבה על שירות מקצועי ואמין בתקופה מאתגרת זו. תודה על יצירתיות ועזרה במכירת הנכס שלנו למרות הקורונה.

בריאות ואושר!

- ד. כ.

"לצוות NOAM HOMES,

רצינו להודות לכם על שירות אדיב, מקצועי ואמין!!!

עזרתם לנו במסירות ובסבלנות למצוא את הנכס המושלם עבורנו.

המון בריאות והצלחה!"

 - נועה

"Great pleasure having the great staff and especially noam as professional as they get help figure out the ins and outs of buying in Jerusalem.
highly recommend!!"

- NC

"Noam is an outstanding agent to work with. He is a skilled listener and negotiator, with very in-depth knowledge of the local markets. My husband and I listed two properties with him at the same time and while he sold one within a month, one took six months to sell. At no point in those five months did his dedication to selling the property waiver. He was just as aggressive and excited about selling the second property as he was the first. Without doubt, we would seek him out immediately for any upcoming real estate transaction in the future."

- Rachel R.

"My wife and I had a dream of downsizing from our house in NY into a nice apartment in Jerusalem. Noam and his skilled team helped make that dream a reality. The buying process went smoothly, and we just closed on an ideal new place we're excited to call home. Nobody  knows Nachlaot , Jerusalem better than Noam. He really listens to clients and goes the extra mile with customer service, too."

- David C.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with NOAM HOMES REALTY, despite the corona challenges we had a great and professional experience. I highly recommend using their services!"

- Debby

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