• Noam Vasl

Real estate as an investment

If one is in pursuit of a property to live in this is a question many people have in mind "will prices continue rising?" This is a question that is hard to answer being the economy is very difficult to predict.

There are endless factors that can tip things to either way, it seems that in an environment like today filled with uncertainty the balance of where to invest money either for a personal apartment or for investment purposes keeps showing that there is place for doubt as supplies are met with high demand but with a place like Jerusalem and the lack of places to build around or in it the prices are going to stay the same or rise slowly. The prices of Jerusalem vs other capitals in the world and when put against largest cities in the world one sees there is room for growth price and in terms of possibilities. The prices of real estate and the ROI (return on investment) in real estate keep staying at a good level while banks interest rates keep getting lower. This creates a vacuum that makes real estate a great investment opportunity with as minimum fluctuation in todays market.

These are personal thoughts of my own, if you are thinking of investing in real estate my company will be very happy to assist you in finding a suitable property for you.


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