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The Mesila
German Colony, Jerusalem

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Office: +972-58-793-2222

More than half of the units have been sold!

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4-room apartments + garden | 5-room apartments | 5-room apartments + garden

A modern interpretation of Jerusalem's architectural heritage

The Mesila project consists of two residential buildings with seven floors each. Its design offers a modern interpretation of Jerusalem architecture. A terraced design, spacious balconies and traditional Jerusalem stone cladding, blended with modern concrete, glass and iron composes a facade that connects the old with the new and creates a new architectural icon.
At the base of the two buildings is an intimate and polished commercial floor with boutiques and galleries leading to an exclusive, designed lobby. This creates a pleasant gradual passage from the public domain to perfect home privacy.

An active lifestyle-right at your doorstep

Residents of The Mesila will enjoy direct access to a commercially operated fitness and leisure complex, located on the lower floors, beneath the beautifully landscaped private garden, which serves as a focal point and exquisite rear view for the West facing apartments. The venue will feature a 33-meter (3/4 Olympic) indoor pool, a state-of-the-art gym, studios and sports facilities offering the benefits of an active lifestyle right at your doorstep.

Your lifestyle is our inspiration

The Jerusalem lifestyle, with its open doors and bright interiors, was the inspiration for the interior design of the apartments. The smart design of the building and of each the 45 apartments, offers open-plan flexibility that allows you to design your living environment according to your family's specific needs.
We believe that a luxury living experience calls for full adaptation to the needs and desires of the residents. In line with this philosophy, we offer a wide variety of apartments to choose from, including 3-5 room apartments, penthouses and garden apartments.
Whether an intimate three-room apartment extending over 70 square meters, or a penthouse of 250 square meters, each apartment offers a balcony overlooking the view, underground parking, a storage unit and impeccable attention to detail.

Map of the project area

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