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Baka, Jerusalem

Baka is a neighborhood in southern Jerusalem. The official name is Geulim, which is mainly used on road signs.

NIS 17,000 P/M
Brokerage fee: month rent + VAT.

6.5 rooms | 200 sqm

Sha'arei Chessed

The hidden village ... garden apartment in a very accessible central location with a private entrance.

A feeling of another world, in a duplex like no other in the city. 4 rooms and a gallery that can be suitable for a clinic or a playroom on the garden floor, and on the upper floor 2 more rooms and a luxurious bathroom.

A huge and private garden with a lot of character of about 400 sqm, suitable for a sukkah!

There is an option to split the apartment and rent only the 4 rooms on the ground floor for NIS 13,000.


Available immediately.

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