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HLH Old Katamon
Old Katamon, Jerusalem

Contact Details
Office: +972-58-793-2222

Experience luxury and history in the heart of old Katamon with New House Boutique Collection. Enjoy a communal atmosphere near educational centers, cultural sites, and the charm of old Katamon. Perfect for families, it harmonizes history with modern luxury.

The Surroundings

Experience the luxury of old Katamon with our Boutique project, offering historical charm and a communal vibe. Walk to nearby educational centers, cultural hubs, and iconic landmarks like the First Station Complex, German Colony, Emek Refa'im, Jerusalem Theater, and the Museum of Islamic Art. Perfect for families, it combines history and modern luxury, creating a unique living experience in the heart of Jerusalem's old neighborhood. Don't miss this rare opportunity with New House Boutique Collection.

The Project

Every day in your new home is a luxurious living experience. Enjoy the high-quality, spacious interiors with views of Jerusalem's greenery. The meticulous design of our apartments and penthouses creates a premium sensation for each resident.

Gather in the living room for family moments and weekend memories. Our interior design maximizes every area, ensuring a harmonious living experience. From selected finishing details to well-planned layouts, your new home becomes a residential icon, connecting your family to a lifetime of harmony.

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