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The Importance Of Inspection

by a Structural Engineer

Importance of an inspection by a Structural Engineer Before purchasing your property.

Most of the apartments purchased in Israel are second-hand properties with an old renovation that does not meet the standards,

most buyers do not go to the effort of hiring an engineer for a home inspection sometimes because they desire to do a general renovation anyway thinking it wouldn't matter,

but it is still important to hire a structural engineer to locate Skeletal defects such as sinking foundations, cracks in ceilings, cracks in bearing or supporting walls, stone cladding failures.

the repairs of elements in construction have great financial significance and even legal responsibility,

this is the reason an inspection is good to check in case of failures later down the line.

There is also a situation you need to be aware of and that is whether the other landlords in the building are willing to repair the defects and thus prevent further damage To the structure and the common areas in the property that may even lead to harm in innocent bystanders...

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