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Boutique Sha'arei Hesed
Sha'arei Hesed, Jerusalem

Contact Details
Office: +972-58-793-2222

A Unique Property in One of the Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

A unique luxury boutique building.

In Jerusalem's Sha'arei Hesed - Rehavia neighborhood, a unique and stunning building with 4 luxurious apartments, designed to the highest standards. Modern design with thought for every detail.

Apartment specifications at the highest level, including underfloor heating, ventilation system, and more. Every apartment has a sukkah!

Private parking spot for the top three apartments.

Elevator to the building.

Within walking distance to synagogues, and Kakal Street.

Prime location in the heart of Jerusalem!

​Apartment #1 - 5 rooms, 5 bathrooms   NIS 13,000,000

Apartment #2 - 5 rooms, 4 wet rooms    NIS 13,000,000

​Apartment #3 - 4 rooms, 3 wet rooms    NIS 11,000,000

​Apartment #4 - 5 rooms, 5 bathrooms   NIS 22,000,000

Brokerage fee 2% + VAT

Map of the project area

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